About Palm Beach Prep

Palm Beach Prep is a post-graduate college preparatory institution located just off the shorelines of Deerfield Beach, Florida. Our enthusiastic faculty, inspiring coaching staff, and empowering academic program prepares and positions young adults for success in higher education, today’s changing and dynamic workforce, and in life.

Providing a great student experience is the guiding principle behind everything we do! Students benefit from individually tailored college counseling and advisory services with the goal of finding the college that best fits their academic, athletic, and career goals. Our strong athletic programs are designed to provide maximum exposure to our athletes, while at the same time allowing them to develop skills and concepts that will prepare them for playing at the collegiate level.

Palm Beach Prep students acquire marketable skills that enhance their resume, college acceptance, and career prospects through our customized and academic program. We develop future leaders on sports teams, in the classroom, and in society as a whole!

At Palm Beach Prep, we strive to provide a world-class academic, athletic, and social experience to all of our students!

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Academics at Palm Beach Prep

Designed by college professors and experienced teachers, Palm Beach Prep’s academic program not only prepares students for success on standardized exams, but also provides students with knowledge of basic economic theory, computer applications, nutrition, and wellness. Upon graduation, students have acquired the marketable skillsets that are most in-demand among today’s colleges and employers.

Courses in SAT Prep, College Mathematics, and College English Composition will help students prepare for the SAT and CLEP exams! The knowledge and skills acquired in our economics and financial literacy will teach students about economic indicators, financial markets, price determination, monetary and fiscal policy, and the economy as a whole. We want students to understand the playing field of life – economics! In Computer Applications, students develop skillsets in the Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint), web development, and Adobe Photoshop. Capstone projects include building data driven websites, business evaluations, and economic projections.

Our passionate faculty strives to provide a meaningful academic experience that empowers and propels students into a successful transition to college and life beyond the classroom!

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Athletics at Palm Beach Prep

The athletics experience at Palm Beach Prep mirrors that of a major university and is designed to prepare students for college athletics!

Our athletics program helps develop High School athletes into College ready players and to provide students with maximum recruitment exposure. The strength and conditioning program at Palm Beach Prep helps athletes achieve the size, strength, quickness, and explosiveness that is sought after by college programs and required to compete for a spot on the team. We take pride in providing our student-athletes with a 360 approach to their athletic development.

Students also benefit from leveraging our large recruiting networks, sound athletic advisory and mentorship, and beautiful athletics facilities. Student-athletes will learn from elite coaches who are passionate about helping athletes reach their athletic goal at Palm Beach Prep!

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Palm Beach Prep Location

Palm Beach Prep is located in beautiful Deerfield Beach, Florida. Our unique location is the perfect setting for student-athletes to receive a wonderful education and college-level athletic experience.

Our Student Life programming enhances the student experience by providing a diverse calendar of activities, events, and programming in the categories of Fitness, Wellness, Recreation, Entertainment, Education, Field Trips, and Professional Sports Outings. The student experience is at the forefront of everything we do as an institution.

Rated the #12 Beach Town in the United States in 2015, Deerfield Beach, Florida is packed with restaurants, shopping malls, movie theaters, fitness paths, and much more! Deerfield Beach is home to the Miami Marlins and the St. Louis Cardinals spring training facilities, and is also a short distance from the Palm Beach International Raceway and Florida Atlantic University’s McArthur Campus.

Deerfield Beach, Florida is approximately 30 minutes from West Palm Beach, 10 minutes to Boca Raton, 20 minutes to Ft. Lauderdale, and 45 minutes from Miami. Public transportation is readily available through busses and train railways.

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