Academic Philosophy

The mission of the Palm Beach Prep academic program is to encourage our students to cultivate a love of learning that will serve as a solid foundation for their future experiences throughout college and beyond. Therefore, it is paramount that we provide our students with a dynamic and functional curriculum. It is the educational environment at Palm Beach Prep that will lay the groundwork for their future academic endeavors. This academic foundation is what we believe will ensure that our graduates enter the next stage of their lives with a tenacity for personal growth, a curiosity for acquiring knowledge, and deep understanding of themselves and the world around them. Maintaining an enthusiastic love of learning is the standard that we hold ourselves and our educators to. It is our hope that the students at Palm Beach Prep find this enthusiasm to be inspiring, and carry it with them throughout their lives. We strongly believe that learning is a lifelong process, and that a strong academic foundation can provide stability, opportunity, and the freedom to pursue any and all goals our students may set for themselves.

At Palm Beach Prep, we expect our students to contribute to the classroom environment by, above all else, being present and open to learning. We want our students to be comfortable asking questions and unafraid to challenge themselves, as we encourage respectful and robust academic curiosity. Educators will be available for office hours and accessible via email and the Moodle learning management system. At Palm Beach Prep we understand that balance is an essential element of student and athletic life. We encourage our students to recognize the necessity of time management, and to reach out to our academic community in order to better navigate this aspect of their daily lives. We strongly believe that Palm Beach Prep is a community, and we are all working together to guide our students in a way that will allow them to continue on the path of realizing their full potential.

Academic Program Overview

The curriculum at Palm Beach Prep includes a focus on SAT Prep, CLEP, Economics & Financial Literacy, Computer Applications, Mindfulness, and Nutrition & Wellness. We want to develop academically curious students who are problem solvers and rational decision makers. The coursework will prepare students to sit for CLEP exams which can earn them college credit and potentially reduce future higher education costs.

Major emphasis is placed on preparing students to be successful in college, the workplace, and in life. Our coursework in SAT Prep prepares students to be successful on the SATs. This course also prepares students to sit for the CLEP exam in Mathematics and English.

In Economics & Financial Literacy, students will learn about different types of market structures, profit maximization, the relationships and interactions between producers and consumers, price determination, major economic indicators, government policy, and the economy as a whole.

In Computer Applications, students will acquire marketable computer skills in areas that both employers and colleges are seeking. Our students begin building their resumes on the first day of class!

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College Mathematics

Our college mathematics course is designed to prepare students to take the CollegeBoard CLEP exam.  A sufficient score will allow students to earn college credits. This course is taught in a face-to-face setting.

College Composition

Our College Composition course prepares students for the CollegeBoard CLEP exam. A sufficient score will allow students to earn college credits. This course is taught in a face-to-face setting.

Economics & Financial Literacy

This course is designed to teach students how to become financially responsible and economically knowledgable members of modern society.

Computer Applications

In the modern workplace, entry level employees are often expected to be technologically savvy. This course provides our students with a lot of the basic skills they’ll need to be successful.

Academic Faculty

We are here to answer any questions you may have!

Daniel Holbrook
Academic Coordinator

Daniel Holbrook

Professor Holbrook has over 10 years experience as both an educator and coach. Throughout his career, he has focused on leveraging his experience to design and implement innovative learning solutions in addition to creating a student environment that fosters a sense of belonging and inclusion. He has a proven track record of connecting learning services and resources to curriculum and teaching concepts that increase student engagement and academic achievement.
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Teacher of Mathamatics

Russell Garber

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Teacher of English

Kristen Miller