Academic Philosophy

The goal of the Palm Beach Prep academic program is to inspire a love of learning while developing skills that are essential to success in college, the workforce, and life. Our faculty uses a holistic and experiential approach to develop our students into lifelong learners who will know how to navigate an ever changing global society. Developing these skills and pushing our students to be the best they can be is a collaborative process. Collaboration between enthusiastic faculty and students is essential to successful learning. Our small class sizes provide students the opportunity to connect with our faculty and actively participate in the learning process, empowering students to set themselves up for future success.

A Palm Beach Prep education is dependent on each student’s presence and good citizenship in class. These are the fundamental bedrock elements of our academic program. While at times participation may entail simply listening attentively, more often participation calls for thoughtful class preparation and active involvement in class discussion or presentations. In such circumstances, teachers are best able to guide students in developing their strengths and strengthening their weaknesses. Students also share responsibility for monitoring their own progress and are expected to seek extra help whenever they find themselves confused or in need of further support. In an effort to achieve these goals, the School provides its students with small classes; a talented, dedicated, and accessible faculty; and the rich and varied curriculum described in the pages that follow.

Academic Program Overview

The curriculum at Palm Beach Prep includes coursework in SAT Prep, CLEP, Economics & Financial Literacy, Computer Applications, Mindfulness, and Nutrition & Wellness. We want to develop academically curious students who are problem solvers and rational decision makers. The coursework will prepare students to sit for CLEP exams which can earn them college credit and potentially reduce future higher education costs.

Major emphasis is placed on preparing students to be successful in college, the workplace, and in life. Our coursework in SAT Prep prepares students to be successful on the SATs. This course also prepares students to sit for the CLEP exam in Mathematics and English.

In Economics & Financial Literacy, students will learn about different types of market structures, profit maximization, the relationships and interactions between producers and consumers, price determination, major economic indicators, government policy, and the economy as a whole.

In Computer Applications, students will acquire marketable computer skills in areas that both employers and colleges are seeking. Students will learn the Microsoft Office Suite: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and also the Adobe Suite: Photoshop, Premiere, and Dreamweaver.

Our students begin building their resumes on the first day of class!

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SAT Prep

Our SAT Prep Courses are all run through Khan Academy, an online service that allows us to closely monitor our Student’s progress.


College-Level Examination Program is a program we offer in order to provide our students the opportunity to earn college credits, while also gaining valuable academic experience.

Economics & Financial Literacy

This course is designed to teach students how to become financially responsible and economically knowledgable members of modern society.

Computer Applications

In the modern workplace, entry level employees are often expected to be technologically savvy. This course provides our students with a lot of the basic skills they’ll need to be successful.


Mindfulness can be summed up as “Inner Education.” The purpose of this program is to teach our Students how to gain control of their focus, emotions, and overall well-being.

Nutrition & Wellness

It’s important to us that all of our Student Athletes understand how their body functions and the importance of maintaining a health life-style.

Academic Administration

We are here to answer any questions you may have!

Daniel Holbrook
Dean of Academics

Daniel Holbrook

Professor Holbrook has over 10 years experience as both an educator and coach. Throughout his career, he has focused on leveraging his experience to design and implement innovative learning solutions in addition to creating a student environment that fosters a sense of belonging and inclusion. He has a proven track record of connecting learning services and resources to curriculum and teaching concepts that increase student engagement and academic achievement.
Academic Advisor

Gabriela Abreu

Ms. Gabriela Abreu brings a wide variety of skill sets and experiences that will provide tremendous insight and knowledge for our students at Palm Beach Prep. As a recent graduate of Miami Law School, Ms. Abreu has a tremendous amount of personal experience with the college application process. Before pursuing her Juris Doctor, Ms. Abreu worked as an Admissions Advisor at Florida National University. During her time there she gained valuable insight into the college acceptance process, and what it takes to stand out in the application pool.