Housing Options

Living in South Florida for post-grad school provides numerous benefits that enhance the experience of our student-athletes.  The surrounding area has beautiful beaches, shopping malls, restaurants, exciting night life, public transportation, and so much more!  Our location in Deerfield Beach, Florida is the ideal setting for students to have a meaningful and memorable experience.

There are many housing options in and around Deerfield Beach, Florida.  Our faculty advisors are here to help students find appropriate housing accommodations within a short distance of our school.

Housing Options For Students

Students have many housing options in Deerfield Beach, Florida.  From apartment complexes, to townhouses, to house rentals, you can find it all in Deerfield Beach.  Our Faculty Advisors help students locate suitable housing close to our campus.

We will assist in the pairing of roommates if students would like to save money on rental costs, and we will connect students to knowledgable realtors who partner with Palm Beach Prep.  Students may also find housing on their own, but we strongly recommend that you coordinate with a faculty advisor during this process.

There are many benefits to living with other students at Palm Beach Prep.  Sharing cost, studying together, and holding each other accountable are just a few.  We want our students to develop strong connections with their classmates that extend years beyond their time at Palm Beach Prep.

Monthly Rental Payments

Students are responsible for signing a lease agreement, paying all upfront expenses (first and last month rent, etc.), and for making on-time monthly payments to the property owner.

Palm Beach Prep will provide guidance for students, but ultimately it is the responsibility of the student to maintain their rental agreements and make payments to their landlords.

If you are interested in finding a living accommodation during your time at Palm Beach Prep, please contact us and we will be happy to assist in the process!

Contact us today at housing@palmbeachprep.org