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Congratulations to 2022 @HumberZayin on his signing with @Palmbeachprep. Can’t wait to see Zayin’s continued development as he’s one of the hardest workers to come from our program.

It’s an Honor to have another year where multiple seniors move on to play at the next level.

We’d like to give a big time shoutout to our guy @sheloveklein for all the work he’s put in with our program this summer❗️

Thank you for mentoring our incoming class and showing them what it takes to be a college athlete. Keep leading the way❗️🏁

#PalmBeachPrep #FindYourWhy

We’d like to officially welcome Zayin Humber to the Palm Beach Prep Family❗️🦈

Zay’s a natural playmaker who’s shooting & ball handling have made major strides over the past few months. He’s going to be a big time recruit for high academic programs this fall #PalmBeachPrep

We’d like to officially welcome Juwan Dawes to the Palm Beach Prep Family❗️🦈

Juwan has led by example with his competitiveness in our program from Day 1 and is just starting to scratch the surface of his potential! We’re excited to be a part of his journey❗️


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